Terms of service

Leta requires the use of Mullvad VPN and as such the Mullvad VPN Terms of Service applies.

The service

Mullvad Leta uses the Google Search API as a proxy search engine. Searches are cached each time, and the cached results are shared by every user of the service.

Using Google APIs costs money, this is a paid service and is only accessible if you have a paid and valid Mullvad VPN account.

Being a paid service, this is the business model. There are no ads or selling of data.

In order to resists correlation attacks to some degree, and lower cost - searches are cached for 30 days. Search results may be stale.

If a user makes a search that is not cached, that search will cause our service to make a call to Google for the result. No data aside from the search query will be passed to Google. It is our search server (leta.mullvad.net) that performs the search.

In the answer, no links other than the final destination link will exist. No element in the search result will be loaded from 3rd parties, meaning all tracking links are stripped.

Google terms

Google requires end users to comply with (and Mullvad not knowingly enable users to violate) applicable law, regulation, and other Terms of using Google search API.